Mission Trips

Our mission trips provide Christians with the opportunity to serve the Lord and their fellow brothers and sisters in a foreign country. Mission Trips can be a life changing experience! You will be challenged and blessed at the same time as you share a week of your life to help those less fortunate. The following information provides some details of the trip.


Rural area near Juarez, Mexico (18 mile drive from the Santa Teresa Port of Entry, NM) For a map of our exact location, please e-mail us.


RESPLANDOR DE VIDA Children’s Home Construction, Food Dispensing, Evangelical Outreach, Weekly Church Service, and Vacation Bible Schools.


El Paso, Texas


One week, usually Sat. to Sat. but weekday arrivals are also an option.


Passport, Passport Card or Enhanced Driver’s License

To participate in ongoing building projects, VBS, and outreach ministry.
To share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Mexico.
To interact with the Mexican people and children.
To learn about the culture and needs of the Mexicans.
To experience God’s presence as faith is put into action.


During your short term mission week you and your team will have the unique experience of door-to-door evangelism in a foreign country and food distribution amongst the poorest of poor in the local community that we minister to. It is an opportunity to gain a rich insight into the lives of the local people, pray for the needs of the individuals you will visit as well as share the gospel of Jesus Christ. For many, this will be a powerful time during your week here as you see how God is working in the lives of others cross-culturally.

For more information regarding short term mission trips, please e-mail us at to request a short term mission trip brochure.



Wheelchair ramp for Jose

As we pray and yield to the Lord’s agenda, God orchestrates our week of service.  When the Oct. team was here, they came across an elderly man who had a second leg amputated.  As the team ended their visit outside his humble home, they saw him crawl out of his wheelchair and into his house where another chair awaited him.  It was too much to observe without doing something to help this man!  Two days later, six team members returned to his house and built a concrete ramp for him.  He can now wheel in and out of his home.  Praise God for this opportunity to help!